5 Reasons Why the New StumbleUpon iOS App Could Be Your Go-to for Instant Entertainment

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How often do you get to the end of your news feed and ask what's next? StumbleUpon is the answer.

Whether you're stuck in line, on the bus, or just in the mood to discover something new, StumbleUpon makes sure you've always got something new to see, read or watch.

StumbleUpon is the best of the Internet, personalized just for you, and delivered to the palm of your hand.

Today, it's back with an all-new iOS app to provide an endless stream of interesting content you may not have come across otherwise.

The search is over - StumbleUpon recommends the entertainment you didn't know you wanted to find with a new app that's faster, more social, and more personalized to keep you occupied at all times.

"On average, our users Stumble 300+ webpages a month and frequently come back for the endless flow of content that other networks can't always provide," said StumbleUpon CEO Mark Bartels.

"StumbleUpon's personalization technology allows us to recommend pages tailored specifically to each person's likes and interests.

Now we've made mobile Stumbling even more social by adding features that let users share and talk about their best discoveries - all without leaving the app."

5 Reasons Why the New StumbleUpon iOS App Will Kick Your Boredom

1. Ever find something online that you want to revisit? With our New Navigation Menu you can quickly bookmark your favorite finds and organize them into themed lists in just a few clicks.
2. No more copying and pasting links you want to send to your friends. The Social Activity Center lets you share directly to your social networks, via SMS or to another Stumbler, and sends you notifications so that you chat about the cool content you find.
3. Stop searching for great websites - StumbleUpon takes the guesswork out of surfing the web and with Faster Browsing.

Now webpages are delivered instantly so you can keep yourself occupied whether you have two or twenty minutes to kill.
4. Always have something to talk about - be the first to find new, trending, and Recommended Lists based on your specific likes and interests.

With 60 trillion unique pages on the web today, there's a lot of interesting things you're missing. We offer 500+ Interest Categories from Humor to Movies to Fitness to serve up a wide-range of entertainment.