Identity Video Game Will Supplant Real Life

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Some say that video games take up too much of your life--sheltering you from reality and inhibiting your interaction with other people.

In Identity, the line between video games and reality will be blurred. The upcoming MMO will try to recreate everyday life into a virtual world.

Developed by Asylum Entertainment, the company posted a preview video for the title on Youtube earlier this month.

It won't be like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, where you travel through fantasy worlds as a mythical hero. In Identity, everything will seem mundane.

But that's the point of the game. You can become a businessman, a fire fighter, a cop, a real-estate tycoon, or a crime lord--it all depends on how you want to live.

You will be able to purchase property and rent it out to other players who will owe you monthly compensation in order to keep living there.

The game will not focus on grinding. Rather, it will try and recreate the social interactions that you have with your friends in real life.

The chat system will be verbal, and your character will move his or her lips in accordance with what you say at your computer.

As for activities, you can do everything from making t-shirts to watching actual movies at your local cinema.

What do you think of this idea? It can be seen as somewhat counter-intuitive to the escapist nature of video games, but it will enable you to live the job you always dreamed of.

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