Here's a Zelda-Themed Christmas Carol to Darken Your Holidays

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A Zelda-themed Christmas carol has been posted online. It isn't long, however, as it references Majora's Mask--- the title where you race against time to stop a celestial body from impacting a small town.

It is one of the creepiest games in the Zelda franchise.

The video chronicles what a Fairy--in this case, Tatl--gave to the singer during his time at Snowhead, which is where the Gorons live in Majora's Mask. It is the game's wintery environment-- perfect for a Christmas-themed song.

On the first day, the singer claims that the Fairy gave him a "spin attack that uses energy." On the second day, he gets "two magic masks." On the third day, he gets "three bull blasts."

But that's the end of the gifts.

Those who played Majora's Mask know that you had to travel back in time before the conclusion of the third day. If you didn't, it was game over: the giant space rock hit the town.

The video takes a twist on that concept and shows Majora's Mask's game over cutscene during the "Fourth Day at Snowhead."

Happy Holidays to the gamers of the world; just remember to play the Song of Time before the town is destroyed.

(via Joystiq)