Tout Launches Programmatic Video Content Exchange

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Tout, a leading online video network, has launched a programmatic video content exchange.

The Tout Programmatic Video Content Exchange taps into Tout's patented video data-annotation technology, originally developed at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) to establish contextual matches between text-based news articles across the web and relevant video that covers the same topic or story.

The Tout platform analyzes hundreds of thousands of articles across its publisher partner ecosystem and once a match is established, the technology dynamically inserts a video embed into the body of the article.

Leading media brands across news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle pump thousands of videos daily into the Tout video content exchange.

Publishers in turn have the ability to either manually or programmatically embed the videos into their websites and earn a revenue share from the advertisements that run against the video views generated.

"As the web becomes a more video-centric medium there is an unnecessarily large disparity between the video-rich and the video-poor in terms of publishers," said Tout Founder/CEO Michael Downing.

"The Tout platform reduces this disparity by programmatically inserting the highest quality video into articles across news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle at an unprecedented scale - regardless of the size of the publisher.

The ease and efficiency of matching and rendering contextual videos in articles will drive an unparalleled level of high engagement, in-article video supply and revenue."

Publishers who sign on to the Tout video content exchange will have highly relevant video sourced either from their own in-house video contributors or from the broader content exchange's leading media brand partners.

Publishers implement the dynamic video embed via a simple process, retain complete editorial control and can customize the programmatic engine to prioritize or merchandise specific content.

More than 500 leading media brands participate in the Tout content exchange today including The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, CBS, Reuters, The Weather Channel and many more.