Marvel Comics Teases X-Men '92

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Marvel Comics teased X-Men '92 today. An upcoming comic that appears to be based on the classic nineties cartoon, the teaser has multiple members of the X-Men as they appeared in the series--including Wolverine in his yellow spandex.

The center of the cover features Jubilee raising an eyebrow and chewing bubblegum, which contrasts from the serious tone expressed by the other characters.

"The possible return of the Jim Lee-designed team wouldn't be out of the question for Marvel," reported.

"They've already brought First Class X-Men to the modern era through time travel, so not pluck a few past iterations of their mutants? It could be a backdoor way of the recently-expired Wolverine back to their publishing fold."

The classic X-Men have also been referenced in recent movies. In The Wolverine, a deleted scene showed the title character looking into a suitcase in what would have been the end of the film.

The character's classic yellow outfit was the contents of the suitcase.

The nineties X-Men series ran from 1992-1997 and was succeeded by X-Men Evolution in 2000. The show featured villains such as: Magneto, Sauron, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, and Phoenix.

X-Men '92 will be available summer of 2015. But we'll know more about the title before then. For more about X-Men, visit the series' official website here. For more about Marvel Comics, visit their official website here.

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