Black The Fall's Kickstarter Campaign Begins

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Black the Fall, the upcoming game from Sand Sailor Studio, is an indie title that is part of the Square Enix Collective. The Collective announced that the Kickstarter is now live with a goal of ?25,000.

Black the Fall's Kickstarter page has a trailer that shows game footage. A side-scrolling title with a colorless palette, you take control of Black as you try to creep through enemy territory unnoticed.

Black looks like a silhouette as he moves through his world's murky gray backdrop.

In addition to the gameplay, the trailer warns, "everyone you meet is a potential enemy," and to "think twice before you act."

Cristian Diaconescu, the creative designer and art director for the title, appears in the trailer to tell the viewer more about the project.

The world of Black the Fall is inspired by the "communist country that (the members of Sand Sailor Studio) grew up in."

"Inspired by Amiga classics Flashback and Another World, Black the Fall is a game about choice," Sand Sailor stated on their Kickstarter page, "you can use weapons and confront challenges with violence, or stay hidden from threatening marauders.

For many of the game's environmental puzzles and hidden secrets, only your wits will help."

Black the Fall has 30 days remaining in its Kickstarter. For more information on the title, go to the game's official website here.