Witcher 3 Gets New Trailer

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CD Projekt Red, developers of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt released a new trailer detailing the world of their upcoming title.

In the teaser Peter Gelencser, Damien Monnier, Monika Gliniecka, and Mateusz Tomaszkeiwicz talk about the locations in the world of Wild Hunt.

The scale of the title has generated chatter in the gaming community for months.

"But in the teaser, some important information emerged," Forbes reported last year, "The game is huge, first of all.

Built using the brand new REDengine3, Wild Hunt boasts a world thirty times the size of its predecessor and even larger than the massive Skyrim. All of this without a single load screen."

Gliniecka, while standing in front of a medieval-looking castle, delved into specifics about the vastness of the game.

"Novigrad, which is the biggest city in the game, holds almost 2,000 residents and each of them has his own agenda and his own life," Gliniecka explained in the trailer.

The map size, however, is not the only thing discussed in the teaser. The game will feature fully interactive communities of people that "evolve with the player and the storyline."

Fans of branching story lines, monster slaying, and sprawling maps will be able to play Wild Hunt on February 25. For more information about the The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, visit the official website of the game here.

(via Gamespot)