REI Systems Celebrates 25 Years

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REI Systems, a leader in information technology solutions, celebrates its 25th anniversary in business this summer.

Founded in June 1989 by business partners Veer Bhartiya and Shyam Salona, today REI employs 500 staff members who develop and manage software and IT infrastructure solutions primarily for U.S. federal government clients.

Twenty-five years ago, Bhartiya and Salona's vision was for REI to provide computer hardware and billing solutions for medical offices. In the early 1990s, a small business grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) propelled REI to field a pilot project based on an information management paradigm that Salona had been developing since graduate school.

Known as the Electronic Handbook, this construct became the core of REI's initial workflow automation offering, and it opened doors for the firm to sell solutions in federal agencies including NASA and the U.S. Department of Justice. Now as a large business, REI provides IT and program management support to the same NASA program that gave the firm its boost two decades earlier.

Today, REI Systems' 500 employees hail from over 30 countries and support federal clients in the healthcare, homeland security, public safety, criminal justice, emergency management, open government and transparency, and the small business domains.

"As I look back to where we started and where we are today, I feel tremendously proud, " said Veer Bhartiya, REI Systems President.

"Yes, we have accomplished a lot, but I know we can and will do so much more. Constantly pushing ourselves to get better, think smarter, and innovate faster is how we've prepared ourselves for a very bright future."

Co-founder Shyam Salona commented, "It doesn't really matter where you start or what talents you have.

You have the ability and power within yourself - whether you know it or not - to fulfill your dreams and make a difference in this world. Enjoy the journey."

REI's mission to deliver solutions and services that empower people and make a difference, with the core value of service to the customer above all else, has contributed to its solid, sustainable growth, and led it to become a sought after leader in the federal IT solutions market.