Navdy Futurizes Car by Projecting a HUD on Your Windshield

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Remember when you were a kid and would imagine what the future would be like - flying cars, interstellar travel, hoverboards? Yeah we're still not there, but Navdy is definitely a step in the right direction.

Driving your car might become more rewarding once Navdy goes one sale because it will not only let you pretend your a fighter pilot with its HUD (Heads - Up Display) but will also make things like using GPS much safer. The point of Navdy is to keep your eyes exactly where they should be when you are driving, on the road, and not on your cell phone screen.

To do this the creators of Navdy have used hand gestures and voice commands to take control of the device and paired bluetooth in the design to connect with your smartphone allowing you to use GPS, answer texts and calls, and whatever else you could think of doing all while keeping your hands on the wheel.

Definitely a great idea.

Check Navdy out in use: