The Mummy Goes A Few Steps Further With VR, Mobile and Console Games

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Universal Brand Development announced today that fans will be able to continue the epic-adventure of The Mummy beyond the big screen with three new digital experiences: The Mummy Prodigium Strike location-VR game; The Mummy Dark Universe Stories mobile game; and The Mummy Demastered console game.

"As Universal makes a strategic push into gaming, we felt The Mummy was the perfect place to start," said Chris Heatherly, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Games and Digital Platforms, Universal Brand Development.

"We worked with the best developers in their fields and took creative risks to imagine exciting new ways for fans to enter the Dark Universe."

The Mummy Prodigium Strike is a groundbreaking location-based experience developed by VR pioneer Starbreeze Studios, in which players take on the role of a Prodigium agent and are tasked with capturing the ancient princess Ahmanet--all the while battling hordes of ravens, spiders and the undead.

From a helicopter hovering above to the intense action on the ground, players must protect their fellow agents as the Mummy grows in power, battling to the finish to either capture her, or be her slave for eternity.

The Mummy Prodigium Strike utilizes the 210-degree virtual reality headset StarVR and a unique set of 4D experience-enhancing elements, allowing users to fully transport themselves into the new world of gods and monsters.

Fans can experience The Mummy Prodigium Strike in Los Angeles at Hollywood & Highland Center and at IMAX VR center in Los Angeles and New York City.

The Mummy Dark Universe Stories, from Night School Studio - makers of the award-winning Oxenfree as well as the critically acclaimed Mr.

Robot mobile game - is an episodic, supernatural adventure game for iOS and Android mobile devices that picks up right where the movie leaves off.

Players will take on the role of Nick Morton, the protagonist of The Mummy, and choose from multiple narrative options in an immersive tale, filled with dynamic comic-style illustrations.

Every turn reveals a decision that changes the outcome of the storyline, and new chapters will be added on a regular basis to take players even deeper into Dark Universe.

The game will launch later this month, but today, Android mobile device owners can pre-register for the game on Google Play.

The Mummy Demastered from WayForward, known for pixel games that bring the look and fun of classic arcades to modern consoles, is a platforming adventure game based on The Mummy.

Launching in late August 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam, players will enter a world of evil as an elite Prodigium agent who is tasked to take down Princess Ahmanet's army of the undead and save the world at any cost.

Players will explore dark forests, maze-like military compounds and the sandstorm-filled streets of London in this retro-inspired adventure.

As for the film, well, you can check out The Mummy in theaters this Friday.