App Automates Finding Money-Saving Coupons For Smartphone Shoppers

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It happens to everyone.

You're at checkout and you see that promotion code box, staring you right in the face. You don't want to pay full price, but finding those elusive money-saving codes can be time consuming, tedious, and often frustrating.

Today CouponFollow, a company that specializes in finding money-saving coupons for consumers, debuted its "Coupons at Checkout for iOS" mobile app.

Once installed, any iPhone, iPad, or iPod device owner with iOS 8 gains access to a "Find Coupons" button right in their Safari web browser.

Whenever at checkout, a simple tap on the button instantly unveils a whole list of relevant coupon codes that can be immediately redeemed.

Prior to the availability of Coupons at Checkout and iOS 8, savvy discount shoppers would have had to laboriously open a new tab to search for coupons or switch out of Safari to another coupon app, then copy the code, and paste it at checkout.

CouponFollow founder Marc Mezzacca said, "Finding coupons can be quite a process, and on a small mobile device it can be a real headache.

Our app and extension helps eliminate the need for shoppers to waste valuable time and effort searching for these coupon codes. We do it for them, instantly."

The app's Safari extension, which works on most e-commerce websites in the US, Canada and UK, has performed six times faster than using Google to search for a coupon website that might have the appropriate codes.

"Once you try it, you won't go back your old 'open-tab, search, copy and paste' ways," stated Mezzacca.

What if there are no discount coupons? The app also gives you that vital information so you don't waste timing searching and know you're already getting the best price.

The app positions itself as an essential shopping tool for any consumer using an iOS-supported mobile or tablet device. The release of the app is timely as holiday shopping is right around the corner.

CouponFollow's earlier launched "Coupons at Checkout" desktop browser plugin has been highly acclaimed as a powerful money-saving tool by LifeHacker, CNET, VentureBeat, MSN Money and other reputable publications.

Mobile shoppers can get started saving today by downloading the app at: