Bayonetta Bloody Fate Anime Trailer Released

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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, the upcoming anime based on the popular video game, will be released on November 23. Including the release date, Manga Entertainment posted a trailer on their official Twitter account.

The trailer opens with a white-clad woman praying. The trailer then cuts to gory action scenes for which the game franchise is known.

Bayonetta appears in the trailer talking to a large tattooed man. She invites him to "dance," and then the teaser cuts to full action clips from the movie.

The film is about Bayonetta's amnesia. She teams up with unlikely allies in order to search for answers--and slay as many supernatural baddies as possible.

Bloody Fate is a cinematic adaptation of the first game. And it was released in Japan in November of last year.

Bayonetta has been a hot topic in the gaming industry; Bayonetta 2 was released earlier this month. And critics gave it rave reviews.

"Fans wanting more Bayonetta in their life will find an excellent sequel that will have them clamoring for more after the credits roll," states the Morning Sun, "it also comes packaged with the first game to relive that experience, or start fresh if you haven't played it.

At two-for-one it's hard to say no to that. 4 stars out of 4."

For more about Bayonetta, visit its official website here.