How Human Is Your Pet? Take the Quiz

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The Honest Kitchen, maker of 100% FDA approved human grade pet food, has released a social media quiz to determine how 'human' US pets really are. The lighthearted quiz will live at for three weeks beginning October 27, 2014.

Users will answer 10 questions ranging from where their pet sleeps, to how they celebrate their pet's birthday.

All participants will receive a free goody from The Honest Kitchen after completing the quiz, and will be entered into a prize drawing to win $1000 for their favorite pet-related charity.

"It's really interesting to us how much people 'humanize' their pets with things like fancy outfits and strollers, yet continue to feed them a poor quality, feed grade diet," stated Lucy Postins, The Honest Kitchen's founder and CEO. "There's a real quality difference between 'human grade' pet food and 'feed grade' pet food, which can contain unsavory ingredients like fillers, preservatives, artificial colors and 4D (dying, diseased, disabled and deceased) meats. We wanted to create this app to provoke thought around that in a fun, shareable way."

The Honest Kitchen is legally allowed by the FDA to label its pet food products as 100% Human Grade.

Human food production standards are very different from pet food plant standards when it comes to cleanliness, record-keeping, the maintenance of HACCP plans and other food safety measures.

The company has also implemented a system of independent and internal vendor audits, as a secondary measure to ensure that their strict quality standards are upheld throughout the ingredient production process.

The Honest Kitchen worked with Made Movement, a Boulder, CO based advertising agency to create the app.

"Most of us treat our pets like people. We talk to them, take them on vacations with us and let them hang out on furniture.

But ironically, when it comes to feeding them, which is the most important thing we do for them, there's a much lower standard," says Dave Schiff, Chief Creative Officer at Made Movement.

"Honest Kitchen's quiz is a great way to celebrate how human we treat our pets, while drawing attention to the one place we could do a better job - their food."

Industry experts predict US pet owners will spend nearly $23 billion this year on pet food alone, and the most rapidly expanding segments are for specialized, alternative 'health food' diets and treats for dogs and cats, which is experiencing 25 to 30 percent growth.

The industry as a whole stands to increase by four percent through 2018.

The most recent APPA National Pet Owners Survey says nearly 70 percent of American households are pet owners, speaking to the increased devotion and care to new family members.