What Critics are Saying About Dragon Age Inquisition

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Dragon Age Inuqisition, the latest title in Bioware's fantasy role-playing series, comes out on November 18.

But critics are already posting their reviews online. After Dragon Age II was seen as an inferior sequel to Origins, Inquisition looks as though it reestablishes the franchise's high standard.

The game has a score of 88 on Metacritic.

Gamespot gave the title a score of 9 out of 10, calling it "one for the ages."

"Inquisition's characters and world on the other hand," Gamespot states, "recall the grand gestures of the original Dragon Age, even though the game as a whole is so structurally different to its predecessors. It offers the thrill of discovery and the passion of camaraderie.

It features a glee club called The Sing-Quisition, and a dwarf with writer's block.

It establishes connections with its world in big ways and small, with the sight of a titanous temple and the smirk of an Orlesian commander in love.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a wonderful game and a lengthy pilgrimage to a magical world with vital thematic ties to one we already know."

PC Gamer's review of the title was positive, but slightly less approving than Gamespot's.

They gave Inqusition a score of 87, which is close to the median that Metacritic established. They state that the vast history in the world can be intimidating at first, but its journey is "long and satisfying."

IGN noted the game's length, stating that it took them ninety hours to complete.

They gave the game an 8.8 out of 10, stating that they "want to go back to explore and fight through every nook and cranny of Dragon Age: Inquisition, until every dragon's skull is mounted on (their) wall." They did, however, state the plot was "less than compelling."

Joystiq gave the Inquisition a perfect score, stating that the franchise is finally living up to its potential after Origins "looked dated" and Dragon Age II wasn't expansive enough.

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