2K Games Holding Handsome Jack AMA on Reddit Page

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2K Games is releasing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! later this month. In order to get fans excited for the game's launch, the company is holding a Handsome Jack AMA on their official Reddit page.

"So, the suits at Hyperion have asked me to sit around and answer questions about, I dunno. Videogames. Memes.

Whatever you people are interested in," 2K Games stated while portraying the fictional villain, "Taylor Swift. Whatever works. But yeah, ask me whatever you want about life, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, or hair care tips."

The Borderlands franchise is known for its quirky sense of humor and frenetic first person shooting action.

The player chooses a character with a unique set of abilities and braves the perils of Pandora--gathering a vast arsenal of weapons in the process.

Handsome Jack is the narcissistic antagonist of Borderlands 2. The president of the fictional corporation, Hyperion, Jack tortures the player during the game with wise cracks and lewd references--often insulting his or her intelligence.

Jack's goal is to find The Vault in order to revive an ancient monster, with which he will conquer Pandora.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! launches on October 14 in North America. For more information on the upcoming title, visit its official website here. For more on 2K Games, visit their official website here.