'Witcher III: The Wild Hunt' Delayed Until May 19, 2015

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The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt, the anticipated game from CD Projekt Red, has been delayed until May 2015. The developer posted an open letter on their forums explaining why they chose to delay the game's release.

"The sheer size and complexity of The Witcher," CD Projekt Red stated ,"key features of the title, have had a decisive impact on production.

Now, nearing the end of our work, we see many details that need to be corrected.

When we release the most important game in our studio's history, we must be absolutely sure that we did everything we could to limit any bugs to a level that will allow you to enjoy the game thoroughly.

With this in mind, we took another look at current workloads and what they mean for the team.

Even though everyone is working at full speed, we concluded that we need another 12 weeks, so we are shifting the release date of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to May 19th, 2015."

They apologized and asked fans to believe in them. Witcher III was originally supposed to launch in February, and is considered one of the most anticipated titles of 2015--a list that included games like Evolve and Batman Arkham Knight.

Fans are going to have to wait a little longer before resuming Geralt's search for Yennefer. For more about the Witcher III: The Wild Hunt, visit its official website here.