Can 5by Become Your Entertainment Inbox?

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How often do you find a video you want to share because it reminds you of someone? Mobile video platform, 5by, is revolutionizing the video consumption and exchange experience with its all-new iOS and Android apps.

Developed to change how people communicate around video, the new version adds friend-to-friend messaging and multi-platform search to its existing video concierge.

While curating video playlists remains at 5by's core, users now have a single destination for finding, sharing and chatting about online video in real-time.

Originally, 5by began as an effortless way to find the best online videos based on what users were in the mood to watch.

Since then, its been rebuilt from the ground-up with the addition of two major features: chatting and video search.

Now people will be able to visit 5by, search for videos across multiple platforms such as YouTube and partners channels, and have real-time conversations with friends about their favorites - all in one place.

"The address book is the original social network, and we're noticing a major shift in communication.

More and more young people are moving away from widely broadcasting updates in favor of private conversations on platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Yik Yak," said 5by Founder and CEO, Greg Isenberg.

"Intimate conversations around video are already happening via SMS, email, messaging, so we wanted to facilitate those dialogues by making it easier for people to find and chat about the best videos under one roof."

As a premium entertainment channel, users can come to 5by to either search across platforms like YouTube, or to discover playlists from select media partners that are producing the best video content available on the web.

In the new version, Mashable joins existing partner VICE with a new 5by channel, which will showcase the best videos from its YouTube library.

"We're partnering with 5by because we believe our video offerings will fit seamlessly with the community 5by has built for its unique video platform," said Mashable's Ryan Lytle.

5by is also introducing the "Daily 5" to showcase the five must-watch videos that will likely be trending the next day, and plans to announce additional partnerships in the coming months.

What's New on 5by:

Communicate: Share videos privately one-to-one or with up to 12 friends.

After videos are shared, have real-time, text-based conversations about the video within 5by.
Search: Use 5by to search for videos across leading video platforms including YouTube and partner channels - all in one ecosystem.
New Design: 5by's got a brand-new look to ensure that discovering, watching and sharing videos is fast and fun.
Mashable on 5by: Watch the best of Mashable's YouTube library all in one place, with a dedicated channel on 5by.
Daily 5: Let 5by's patent-pending recommendation technology show you the five must-watch videos each day that your friends will be talking about the next.