Why SEO Experts Suck

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Have you ever been to the hairdresser? If you have, then you know that the firs thing the hairdresser always asks is "Who cut your hair the last time?" Hopefully, the answer isn't "You!." But kidding aside, the importance of consulting an "expert" is that they often have to point out the inferiority of the baseline status.

This, way, the bar is being set lower and the service that has to be provided doesn't have to measure up as much as you'd need it to.

Now, let's take this example and apply it to SEO experts. The amount of content across the internet that claims to offer advise and expertise on how to move up in Google search rankings has exploded in the past 10 years. Why? Because Google is monpolizing the internet, of course.

But, what's interesting about this advice and expertise is that it's never coming from people who work at Google or who actually program Google's elusive search algorithm.

Nope. It's often coming from people who claim to have advised thousands of companies and yet usually aren't educated any better than your dog.

Let's go through a few myths that SEO experts would have you believe:

Myth #1 and Why SEO Experts Suck: Your site doesn't offer high quality content.

What is quality content? All that high quality content really means is that people read your articles. So basically, "high quality" is a synonym for "popular." So basically, SEO experts are telling you that people aren't reading you article. Yep, that's what we call circular logic folks.

The reality is that people will read your content if you would read it.

Write what's interesting to you and others will read it. But you're going to do that anyway, right? Otherwise, why would you even have a publishing site.

Myth #2 and Why SEO Experts Suck: : Google's search algorithm is an elusive beast than can't be understood by anyone other than me (the SEO expert)

Hmmm, you went to ass college and you want to convince us that only you have a leg up in understanding something? Unlikely. Everything requires some testing but SEO experts want to convince you that only they know what tests need to be done.

However, the whole point of testing something is that you do it a few times, and then you figure out what works.

Additionally, enough of these hoodwinks write content on the internet designed to lure you into their consulting schemes for you to figure out this stuff on your own.

Let's also keep it real here: Although SEO experts want you think that Google's algorithm is more difficult to parse than a sphinx's riddle, in reality, their algorithm is designed to favor one thing most: popularity.

Myth #3 and Why SEO Experts Suck: That test case that improved so much was going to do so anyway

SEO experts always have a test case. They just consulted for a company whose rank went up by ten times and traffic went up by 20 times.

And only they, the SEO expert could have possibly lent the company the advice that made the difference.

If you believe that, then you're desperate to have someone tell you what to do and mitigate your anxiety.

The reality is, if you're going to go through the trouble to consult an SEO expert then you've already got the attention to detail and perseverance to improve your website's traffic and you were probably going to change things anyway.

At the end of the day, no one's an expert at improving their Google rank by that much, much less an SEO expert.

So next time, save yourself the money and the patronizing attitude and just search how to increase your traffic rather than hiring an SEO expert.