Anomaly 2 To Hit Playstation Store Tomorrow

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Anomaly 2, the game advertised as "tower offense vs. tower defense RTS," is hitting the Playstation Store tomorrow. Pawel Miechowski posted on the Playstation Blog, promoting 11 Bit Studios' game.

Miechwoski wrote about the game's narrative, "Anomaly 2's story continues right after the 2018 invasion of Earth that took place in Anomaly Warzone Earth. Our planet is controlled by the aliens and humankind is almost extinct.

Those who managed to survive are grouped in convoys. Your convoy is called Yukon, and you are the Commander, dropped right into the battlefield to support troops in your convoy through four special abilities which you'll deploy missions."

The single player campaign for Anomaly 2 has 14 missions, one of which--according to Miechowski--will be a prelude.

The player will have the ability to use four abilities: Repair, Decoy, EMP, and AIM. The multiplayer, however, will allow players to "choose sides, either aliens or humans, and square off to see who's the best on the block."

Miechowski stated that multiplayer would be "faster" than the campaign mode. Offering a "tech-tree to develop unique strategies," the multiplayer mode will offer a variety of maps--all of which have different requirements for victory.

Miechowski teased that "total annihilation of the enemy" is the coolest of these conditions.

Scheduled to hit the Playstation Store tomorrow, Anomaly 2 will be playable for the Playstation 4.