'Yes, Your Grace' Kickstarter Nearing End

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Yes, Your Grace, a title from Brave at Night, is nearing the end of its Kickstarter campaign. The game needs less than ?1,000 in order to reach its goal.

Yes, Your Grace is described as, "A unique blend of text-based and strategy-oriented gameplay. Rule your kingdom like a true monarch; from your magnificent throne!"

You play as a King in the game, and it will be up to you to judge your subjects.

This has been done in mainstream games, such as Fable III and Dragon Age Inquisition. But your actions as King will have consequences.

"Take away too much food from a village," Brave at Night states, "and soon after you are sure to encounter peasants complaining about it in the throne room."

In addition, the choices you make will reflect on the game's world.

"Your map will become your own personalized story journal," Brave at Night states. "Each major decision you make will leave a mark (or bloodstain) on your map.

Did you find and kill a mythical beast? Did you join an epic battle? Did you decide to have an ally murdered in cold blood? All of this will leave a mark on your map, creating a unique postcard to share with your friends.

You will be reminded of the paths you took at a glance."

The game's map will be "relatively small." But that will in order to give it more significance, according to Brave at Night.

With less than two days remaining in its Kickstarter, you can to Yes, Your Grace here.