Fable Legends Villain Most Popular In Beta, Lionhead to Invite More Testers

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A lucky group of players just completed the first beta test for Fable Legends. And it turns out that the Villain was the most popular character selected by fans.

Lionhead posted a graph in a press release recapping the beta; the Villain was followed closely by the Rook. The least popular character was the Leech.

By selecting the Villain, you are playing a different game than the rest of the players. The Fable franchise has been long known as an action RPG series.

But the Villain will offer gameplay mechanics reminicent of real-time strategy; think of the Emperor sitting in the Death Star, commanding his fleet.

Even at E3 2014, media outlets were most impressed with Fable Legend's villain mode.

"But it's the villain mode that looks so amazing." Gamespot stated. "Like in Dungeon Keeper (which Peter Molyneux made before founding Lionhead), you can lay down traps frm the four-human controlled heroes of good.

Talk about an exciting option for those wh would rather grief their friends that team with them. You can lay down obstacles, place ogres around dark corners, and generally be a pest, which is the best way to play games"

In addition to the statistic, Lionhead also announced that they are inviting another wave of testers this week. So if you didn't get selected to test the game the first time, you may be in luck.

For more about Fable Legends, visit its official website here.