Sony's PlaySation Network (PSN) is Down

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Sony's Playstation Network went down Thursday for an unspecified amount of time with the site displaying a maintenance message at times and different errors at others..

This has become a routine problem for the Japanese-based entertainment company -- with users from across Twitter expressing their displeasure.

Some Twitter users shared their anger by saying that Sony is "such a big company" and that such issues are unacceptable.

A parody account for Kaz Hirai, the CEO of Sony, tweeted that people should "assume PSN is always down and we'll e-mail you on the occasional days you can use it."

Obviously not the words of Hirai himself, the tweet still expresses the displeasure of gamers across the world. All of whom wish to play online uninterrupted.

According to Product Reviews), the error displays the code, NP-35000-8. PR also speculated that the problem is "not believed to be hacker related." Instead, the issue might lie with a server glitch.

If such an incident occurs again, an issue could arise for the company, who is far ahead of Xbox in the current Console Wars. Microsoft, however, seldom experiences crashes in their network.

PSN was down in late August due to a hacker attack.

Now a staple of gaming, online play is now a stable in the industry. And, with many games requiring that your system is connected to the internet, it can hinder the experience when the system's network doesn't function properly.