Kitfox Games’ 'Moon Hunters' Doubles Kickstarter Goal, Impresses Square Enix

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Moon Hunters is described as "an action RPG for 1-4 players about earning a legendary reputation in an ancient, occult world."

The story is summarized on the game's website. Taking place in a mythical world powered by the Moon, things turn awry when it doesn't rise. And, without the Moon's presence, "monsters rise up and chaos grows across the lands."

It is the role of the player to solve the lunar mystery and defeat the dark forces that encroach upon the world. Moon Hunters looks like a mix between classic Zelda games and Gauntlet Legends; players can select different characters and battle in real-time.

Kitfox Games' fundraising for their game is ending this month. With 21 days remaining, the Indie gaming company has doubled their goal of 45,000. With $94,352 raised, the Montreal-based developer announced that a version of Moon Hunters is coming to the Playstation 4.

A Playstation 4 version was initially a stretch goal for the company. And they said via their Kickstarter that a PC Version would be the released first.

The game, however, has received attention from big developers in the industry; Square Enix commented that Moon Hunters "caught their eye." The legendary developer added Moon Hunters to the Square Enix Collective-- allowing their fans to look at it.

Ending on September 26th, Kitfox Games' Moon Hunters is tentatively scheduled for release in July of 2015.