The EmoSPARK Cube Brings Artificial Intelligence to Your Personal Life

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Life as we know is just about to change. Artificial intelligence is now making its way into homes in the form of a 90 x 90 x 90cm emotionally supportive cube with personality of its own named EmoSPARK.

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, a Paris based entrepreneur, has just created his latest crowd funding request on Indiegogo at for mass production of this Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connected cube.

The world's first 'artificial intelligence console' can learn the emotions and language of people in their homes and make its own contributions to the emotional wellbeing of the family.

Over time it will even develop its own personality based on the interactions it has had with people.

Patrick's last campaign on Indiegogo secured funding of US$178,000 for development of this product. The current campaign is for mass production in addition to providing a vehicle to collect orders for pre-Christmas fulfilment.

Similar to Apple's Siri, it's possible to speak with the cube, but EmoSPARK will go one step further than Siri by providing entertainment and web content choices including music and videos based on the current mood and user preferences.

This futuristic cube is powered by Android and can be communicated with in a number of different ways.

Users can speak directly to it, type into their tablet, smartphone, TV or computer. This also means that new apps can be developed to stretch its abilities and bring new possibilities of abilities for EmoSPARK.

If you're wondering how this miniature but powerful mood enhancer works, read on.

Using a unique face-tracking technology your EmoSPARK will learn what you like and what you don't like by using 7 different emotions as a base for its own personal map of your personality; joy, sadness, disgust, fear, anger, trust, anticipation and surprise.

It can even connect to your accounts on Facebook and YouTube to dig deeper into your likes and interests and bring back content that it feels would be beneficial for you to watch or listen to.

If a user is having a particular bad day, EmoSPARK will try to tempt them into a better frame of mind with a few choice pieces of music that it knows they may like.

It may even let them know that one of their friends has posted a video onto Facebook and will offer to play it on the television.

If they opt in and are amused, EmoSPARK will find other similar content to amuse them.

A cube may also have a few down days of its own, but it can help itself by meeting with other cubes online in a 'virtual discussion group' where they exchange experience and information that will be to their user's benefit.

Content with similar emotional tags is transferred between cubes.

Yes, we are now reaching into the future and EmoSPARK is proof of that. Be a part of it now on Indiegogo.