Tim Cook's Twitter Shows A Bit Of His Personality

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While most people have some idea of the personality of Apple founder Steve Jobs -- who has been the subject of a major book and movie -- his successor, Tim Cook, has been more of a mystery.

Cook shares very little info about his private life publicly and he's less of a public figure than Jobs was. Cook also lacks anything as obvious as Jobs' signature style of dress and, while he's a good performer in his own right, he's not as commanding as Jobs was when running a press conference (though very few people are).

In many ways, while Jobs was the personification of Apple, Cook is merely its current steward.

He leads the company, and many would say does a good job, but were he to leave it would not be anywhere near as climactic as Jobs passing was.

Social media however offers a glimpse into Cook's head. In some cases he's just sharing in ways that are to be expected. In others, he offers up things that give a small glimpse into his personality.

Cook will never be Ashton Kutcher, sharing every bit of his life on social media, but his Twitter feed is surprisingly interesting.

Here's a look at some of the highlights which let you know a little bit more about the man who is no running Apple.

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