What is Rey De Istanbul / Rey De Estambul In Barcelona? Location of Alleged Attack

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The Rey De Istanbul (or Rey De Estambul in Spanish) is the restaurant where the attackers in the Barcelona attack are allegedly holed up.

Rey De Istanbul

Rey De Istanbul is a Turkish restaurant in the middle of the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona. Here is a map:

The attack in Barcelona is currently known to have killed two people and injured many more.

We are not currently aware of the the number of injured, although it could be as high as 25+. According to a witness, "there is no doubt it was intentional," since the van used in the attack was traveling very fast.

After crashing the van, the attackers apparently fled to El Rey De Istanbul in order to hide out. It's unclear whether that was an agreed upon location, or if the attackers stormed the restaurant.

El Rey De Istanbul is a shop known for its kebabs. The restaurant appears to be located on Carrer de l'Hospital.

It is very close to famous landmarks like the famous Bascilica de Santa Maria and the Sagrada Familia. It has been called a tourist trap on Yelp.

Above is a photo of the storefront. Below is a photo inside the restaurant: