How To Watch Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks Debate at Politicon

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This weekend is a giant one for all The Young Turks fans, as the crew is going to be debating some big names at Politicon.

Cenk Uygur will be debating Ben Shapiro,. That event will take place Sunday at 5:30 in Independence hall.

Ana Kasparian will have a must not miss debate with Ann Coulter. That event will take place in the Independence hall Saturday at 5. Hasan Piker will also debate a right wing commentator.

Update 2: You can watch Cenk Uygur vs Ben Shapiro live below (note: it's running a little late because of the venue change):

Update: you can watch Ana Kasparian debate Ann Coulter here...

In past Politicons, Cenk Uygur had some excellent debates with Ann Coulter and Dinesh Dsouza.

You can watch the debate between Uygur and Coulter here.

You can watch the debate with Dsouza here.

Last year, Ana Kasparian multiple establishment figures who supported Hillary Clinton. She achieved widespread acclaim for her performance.

Unfortunately for those who don't live in LA, there is no official live stream. The Young Turks are providing live streams of some of their events. You can watch the Hassan debate here:

Here's Ana and Ann Coulter

The other debates will be linked as they come up.

However, videos of each event have historically become available within hours of the event. When those become available we will link to them here.

You can watch Cenk Uygur fight establishment Democrats over single payer here (the interesting part starts at 45 mins)

The Young Turks Interview Al Gore

This week, Cenk Uygur interviewed former democratic presidential candidate Al Gore.

The debate covered a variety of topics, from his new film to Donald Trump. Gore also talked about the current chaos in the White House, and how it's causing problems around the world.

You can watch the The Young Turks Interview with Al Gore here.

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