Twitter Now Most Powerful Entity In The World; Can They Use Their Power Wisely?

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Dear Twitter, somehow -- as many started to deem you irrelevant -- you got a huge stroke of luck in the form of an orange narcissist.

Suddenly, all the users you've been losing to Snapchat and Instagram no longer matter, because you are far more important: you are the primary form of communication for Donald Trump -- the most powerful man on earth.

But with this power comes great responsibility -- the question is: how will you handle the role?

It was only recently revealed that the U.S. came terrifying close to a full-on nuclear war with Russia in the '60s. According to the National Security Archives, on October 27, 1962, a Russian submarine referred to as B-59 was deep underwater when it heard practice explosions being set off by American forces nearby.

The Russians aboard the B-59 had no access to communications, and they thought that the U.S. was attacking them. In minutes they had to decide whether to launch their nukes back against the Americans.

The captain of the sub was convinced that a war had started, and he ordered the crew to prepare to launch their nuclear missiles. But luckily for the entire world, one guy, Vasili Arkhipov, happened to be on board the B-59.

Arkhipov was the commander of the flotilla which included the B-59, and he refused to turn his metaphorical "key" -- until they were able to contact Moscow.

The B-59 ended up holding its fire, and when it surfaced, it discovered that the Americans had not been attacking.

Thanks to the level-headedness of this one guy with the right "key," Arkhipov, we averted a nuclear war that could have killed millions -- or possibly even billions.

That was then.

Today, we somehow find ourselves in a situation where you, Twitter, have that metaphorical "key." Although we're clearly not on the brink of nuclear war with Russia, Donald Trump has shown his propensity to change positions and directions fast, without concern for the consequences.

Trump has already increased tensions with several nuclear powers, including China, North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan.

And there's no telling what he will do if there is a terror attack on one of his international properties.

Will that anger him enough to announce a nuclear strike? What if he's pushed into a corner due to conflicts of interest? Will that cause him to lash out and threaten to fire nukes in order to distract people from his predicament?

We saw a minor example of this today. You may remember that Trump was replaced on The Apprentice by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Apparently Trump didn't like that, since Schwarzenegger supported Hillary Clinton. And lately, news outlets have started questioning the legitimacy of his presidency due to Russian hacking.

So of course, it was time to distract the media.

Trump decided to start a Twitter war with Schwarzenegger, arguing over how who gets better TV ratings -- this just days before he is set to be sworn in as the President of the United States.

Forget the problems of the country -- this Schwarzenegger guy personally offended Trump!

For these reasons, we hope you, Twitter, will do something to ensure that Trump's tweets don't result in a major disaster.

Perhaps you should run his tweets through his staff before publishing them? Or maybe you should give him 24 hours of cool-down between when he sends a tweet and when it appears...

At the very least, we hope you'll consider that you are in the unique position where you can potentially stop a major disaster.

Just be aware of that, and don't please don't let corporate interests overpower the safety of the world.

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