See If You Can Tell The Difference Between Trump's Propaganda and Kim Jong Un's

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Donald Trump's new director of Comms, Anthony Scaramucci, would definitely not be out of place in North Korea, hailing the Dear Leader in almost every sentence.

Some of the things he has said about Trump are very similar to what you'd hear in North Korea.

So we decided to quiz ourselves. For each of the statements below, see if you can guess if the Trump team said it about Trump, or the North Koreans said it about Kim Jong Un.

1) "He got up and he walked over and he saw his beautiful wife...who by the way, speaks five languages, is incredibly beautiful, and is incredibly intelligent, and is a great representative"

Answer: This was former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski about Melania Trump regarding a Russia meeting.

2) He is a sports star who has shot 11 holes in one in golf

Answer: According to Korean media, Kim Jong Un has played a fabled golf round, shooting 38 under par and 11 holes in one.

3) He can throw a spiral through a tire, and swish foul shots, all while dressed up for a formal event

Answer: Anthony Scaramucci in his first presser on how talented Trump is at sports.

4) He has really good karma...he's genuinely a wonderful human being

Answer: Anthony Scaramucci in the first presser on Trump.

5) He's a fashion icon, and his fashion "is now spreading expeditiously worldwide, is something unprecedented in the world's history"

Answer: North Korean state media quotes an anonymous designer discussing Un's fashion.

6) Even though you may hear otherwise, he and his family are loved by people around the world

Answer: From North Korean textbooks and other materials on Un.

7) He's the most media savvy person in history

Answer: Anthony Scaramucci on July 26 regarding Trump.

8) He invented the economic theory of priming the pump

Answer: Trump claimed that he invented "priming the pump" in a May 2017 interview.

9) He invented "double bread with meat" (that is, the hamburger)

Answer: A widely spread propaganda piece about Kim Jong Un.

10) He had "the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period"

Answer: Sean Spicer on Trump.

11) He has some of the best political instincts in the world, perhaps in history

Answer: Anthony Scaramucci on Trump again.

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