Review: Dan Rather on The Young Turks (TYT)

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The news business was abuzz over the weekend with talk about the fact that Dan Rather has gone over to The Young Turks. And today, we got our first glimpse at what The News With Dan Rather was.

Airing every Monday at 5:30 PM ET, the show features Rather, sitting in his office and discussing the news of the day.

Although at first, it seems like you're watching your old grandpa ranting at you from in front of the TV. The audio levels are all off, and you have to listen really hard to have any idea what Rather is saying.

But once you get into it, you realize that this show has the potential to be a huge hit.

Rather started the show off with commentary about the potential of the country, but he added in some exclusive reporting as the show went on.

Indeed, with Rather's connections and sources, TYT has something it's never had: a power player who can get real, non-recirculated information.

Until now, TYT has mostly taken published news from various sources, and added in its own opinion. But it's never been a place where you'd see information you hadn't read several hours ago on other websites.

Even with the several hires TYT made for investigations, they were falling significantly behind due to the super-fast paced news of the Trump Era.

TYT Investigates, while interesting, has not had the sources or access to provide blockbuster original reporting. With Rather, TYT has a chance to make a major change, with original reporting from real sources inside the government.

The addition of Dan Rather to TYT is bound to be a huge win for the network, and we're excited to see the work that comes from Mr. Rather in the future.

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