Rachel Maddow Finds The Most Unqualified Trump Government "Scientists"

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This evening on the Rachel Maddow show, Rachel Maddow went through a list of people who have been appointed or hired to work in senior government roles that are completely unqualified for the job.

There have long been reports of hires by the Trump administration that didn't make sense, and seemed to be purely political in nature. The most prominent of these was Sam Clovis, who Trump picked to be chief scientist at the USDA. Clovis is neither a scientist or someone familiar with agriculture. In fact, his experience consists of being a right-wing radio show host and political advisor.

But Rachel Maddow uncovered many other examples of the sort on tonight's show. At the USDA, in addition to Sam Clovis, the Trump administration has hired the following people to senior level scientist jobs: a truck driver, a country club cabana attendant, and a scented candle maker.

These people are now scientsts who make and evaluate policy and safety of your food. These positions pay up to $175,000 per year.

Maddow also found another person named Sid Bowdidge, who she said most recently worked in retail tire sales.

She also pointed out that the assistant to the Treasury Secretary, Zachary McEntee, was most recently working as a "production assistant" at That's Entertainment International, a company that says it "helps guide you through the event management process without losing focus on your event priorities." A party planner?

Maddow lists a bunch more people as well. You can watch the clip here.

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