SHOCKER: Wikileaks Posts Macron Email Leak Docs, Confirmed By Macron Campaign

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Wikileaks has posted what may be another giant email dump. This time, however, it doesn't appear to be from them.

The email dump is purported to be from French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.

According to Wikileaks, the dump was found online and contains many gigabytes of data that is supposed to be Macron's email account. Wikileaks has posted links to download the material.

Given that the French election is this Sunday, it is interesting that the material would be posted now.

Wikileaks argues that "It is not economically feasible to fabricate the whole. We are now checking parts," thereby suggesting that the leak is real.

We are trying to get access to the material and will look through it as quickly as possible.

In discussing the dump, Wikileaks wrote this:

The statement is very odd, given that this would be a perfect time to release material affecting Macron.

The French have a media blackout before the election that will keep ads from running, and essentially keep Macron from rebutting the information posted in the leaks.

While there is a media blackout, this leaked material will spread uncontrolled via Facebook -- and there will be no option for a counter-narrative.

This is in fact the perfect time to release the material -- for whoever did the hacking.

Update: This has been CONFIRMED:

How significant could this be in the 2017 elections? Could this result in a far-right France win? We will have to see.

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