The Young Turks Reaches $2M Goal After Extending Deadline, Announces New Reporter

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The Young Turks just barely failed to achieve its huge milestone goal of raising $2 million for journalists to go up against the mainstream news media, which has not been reporting the stories that matter to many The Young Turks viewers.

It's unclear if TYT will keep the fundraiser running for extra time in order to try to raise the final few thousand dollars.

Update: TYT extended the deadline slightly past 100 days, and has now reached the $2 million mark.

Over the past several hours, The Young Turks has brought in over $100,000 in pledges, and the momentum is building. However, they were not able to make the $2 million mark.

The Young Turks Makes An Interesting Hire

Because TYT reached the $1.75 million mark, Cenk Uygur did announce one reporter this weekend. The reporter is Naomi LaChance, who previously worked at The Intercept.

It is not yet known who else Cenk Uygur plans to hire in his final group of reporters.

When The Young Turks reached the $1.75 million mark in their funding drive, they announced that they would be hiring one new journalist (LaChance), and another at the $2 million mark.

It is expected that the company will be announcing additional new hires such as additional crew and commentators early this week.

In the past, Cenk Uygur has hinted that he may hire a foreign or international political reporter, however it is unclear if that will happen in this round.

The Young Turks Misses A Milestone

The $2 million milestone marks the end of the months long drive, which was scheduled to culminate on Trump's 100th day.

Originally, The Young Turks started the drive with a $500,000 goal. After easily reaching the $500,000, they increased the goal to $1 million, and then $1.5 million and $2 million.

After making the $500,000 goal, The Young Turks CEO Cenk Uygur announced that he would hire a team, including the former Bernie Sanders Surrogate Nomiki Konst.

Uygur has also announced that he would hire the famous columnist Shaun King to make contributions to The Young Turks.

At the $1 million and $1.5 million marks, Cenk Uygur added several additional high profile reporters and commentators, including Dylan Ratigan, Jonathan Larsen and David Sirota.

Dylan Ratigan previously worked on multiple NBC networks. He hosted Fast Money on CNBC when it first began airing.

The late afternoon business show tells viewers how to earn money quickly in the markets.

Ratigan is also known for his reporting on MSNBC during the 2008 market crash. Ratigan has made a name for himself by attacking big banks and money in politics.

Ratigan, Sirota, Konst, and the other new journalists have been appearing on The Young Turks in different capacities over the last several months. Some of them can be seen often on The Young Turks Youtube political channel, TYT Politics.

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