Why Is CNN Debating Whether Nazis Killing People Is OK? Jack Kingston Says "Get Over It"

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After today's White Supremacist terrorist incident, you would think the media would learn something about their responsibility in this. But as always, it looks like they have learned nothing.

Instead of standing out in no uncertain terms against White Supremacy, the "mainstream media" did their normal he-said/she-said BS today. Flip through any channel, and the coverage was extremely sickening.

Fox News, of course, wasn't even bothering to cover the Nazi acts at the beginning, but we expect that.

What we don't expect is people like apparent Nazi-sympathizer Andre Bauer on CNN trying to justify what happened today. On CNN, they actually had what felt like a "debate" over whether it was okay for the Nazis to attack people.

Another Republic, Jack Kingston, was on later on CNN in order to support Trump. He actually said this to Nina Turner, who is black:

You and I as liberals and conservatives should be able to move past that and say what are we gonna do?

He is actually suggesting that we need to move past complaining about racism, and somehow Nina Turner is responsible for what happened today?

Even on supposedly "liberal" MSNBC, the framing of the news was terrible.

One guest -- who isn't a right winger -- said that Trump missed the "opportunity" to condemn the Nazis.

No, you moron, that wasn't an "opportunity." He has a responsibility as a human and American to stop this, and he did nothing.

The media is now treating Republicans who denounce Nazis as heroes -- as if what they are doing is an unexpectedly brave act. No, that should be what any sane person would do.

But it gets worse...apparently, CNN sees the attack as a car accident:

This IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE A DEBATE, CNN. It's time for the media to learn something...because things just get worse from here.

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