Explosive: Wikileaks Julian Assange Says "War Is Just Commencing"

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Today, standing outside of his balcony at the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange made a shocking statement about his plans: "the proper war is just commencing," he said to a barrage of reporters who were waiting for a statement.

What does Assange mean by "proper war"? It's unclear at this point; however, WikiLeaks has a large amount of additional material as part of its Vault 7 file, and they are looking for additional material.

There is currently no additional information about new releases that WikiLeaks may have.

The Swedish government earlier announced that Julian Assange would have all charges dropped against him in the sexual assault/rape case that was pending against him.

In response, Assange tweeted angrily that he was being held without charge, and that his name was slandered by both the UK and the Americans - as well as the Swedes.

Nevertheless, the UK government and UK police said they still plan on arresting Assange if he chooses to leave the embassy. According to the BBC, the MPS in Britain said that although the serious charges in Sweden were dropped, Assange is still wanted on less serious offenses (it does not specify what those offenses are).

The MPS stated that they will not comment on the exact details of their plan to apprehend Assange. In addition, the US has moved forward in looking into prosecuting Assange.

Meanwhile today, WikiLeaks released additional information as part of its Vault 7 project.

The information is part of CIA's malware system codenamed "Athena". The releases sure to anger the Trump administration, which has recently turned against Assange after previously promoting him and his work during their campaign.

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