Were There Really Russian Flags At Donald Trump's CPAC Speech?

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Today, Pres.

Donald Trump spoke to CPAC, the conservative annual conference that draws some of the biggest names in the Republican Party.

While most of his speech was the same old attacking of the media, and reiterating his campaign agenda, there was something strange happening in the crowd.

Among the sea of Trump supporters with MAGA, there were a bunch of people with flags with Donald Trump's name on them.

Except, they weren't the US flag, according to Peter Hamby of Snap. They were the Russian flag, with Trump emblazoned on them.

It's unclear if the people waving the flags are Donald Trump supporters.

It is possible that they are Republicans who do not support trump and want an investigation into the Russian allegations; it is also possible that they are Democrats who managed to get into the event - although security is pretty tight at these types of events.

The other possibility, however, is that they are in fact Donald Trump supporters, who are looking to form a better relationship with Russia, as Trump appears to want to do.

According to Hamby, the staffers and security people in the crowd quickly came around to confiscate the flags. It appears that from the pictures that there were a large number of people with these Trump Russia flags.

Today's CPAC speech is among several given by members of the Trump administration.

Steve Bannon, Mike Pence, and others spoke at the event over the past few days. While a lot of those speeches centered around attacking the media, there was talk of Donald Trump's policies and plans for the government.

We will see quickly how today's speech is received. One thing is for sure -- the Trump supporters in the audience seemed to love it.

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