Watch: The Young Turks Michael Tracey Says Rep. Maxine Waters 'Shoved' Him: Do You Agree?

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Today, the internet has been abuzz with comments about The Young Turks' journalist Michael Tracey, and his claim that Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters 'shoved' him as he was asking her questions.

Michael Tracey works as a journalist for TYT, and he has been skeptical of the Trump-Russia claims. He also is not a huge fan of party-line establishment Democrats like Maxine Waters, so his interaction with her today was not surprising.

As he asked her questions, she eventually got tired of answering and walked off, with a hand movement.

Tracey called this a 'shove' or a 'push', but to us it looks like what people often do to cameras and reporters. Here's what Tracey had to say about the incident:

Here's the video in full. Watch it and decide if you think Tracey was shoved in the incident:

Internet users, however, were not having the Michael Tracey line. There were plenty of jokes, like this one:

What do you think it was? Tweet us.

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