Watch Republican Trump Supporter Ken Cuccinelli Tell Symone Sanders To 'Shut Up'

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Today, Donald Trump supporter and Republican from Virginia Ken Cuccinelli was on CNN with Chris Cuomo and Symone Sanders.

Cuccinelli has been quick to support Trump and his refusal to disavow Nazis. Over the last few days, he was all over CNN supporting Trump's actions and attacking democrats. He continued to dismiss the issues of racism throughout the interview.

However, today he took it to a new level by attacking Symone Sanders as she spoke, and then telling her to "shut up."

Sanders: Now someone's dead

Cuccinelli: Can I finish Symone? Will you just shut up for a minute and let me finish?

Cuomo stopped the conversation temporarily and told Cuccinelli not to "talk to people like that." Cuccinelli initially refused to apologize, but later gave a sarcastic sounding apology.

You can watch the video here. The "shut up" moment comes at about 9:40 in the video, and the "apology" comes at the end.

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