Hear Markos Moulitsas' Absurd Hatchet Job On Bernie Sanders And Supporters

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Today, Markos Moulitsas appeared on "Make it Plain" with Mark Thompson on Sirius XM radio's Progress channel, and Kos took every opportunity possible to slam progressive leader Bernie Sanders.

In what can only be called a hatchet job, Kos joined Thompson to shill his new book, which he (for whatever reason) brags he wrote in only three weeks.

But while on the show he had plenty of rage to spew at Sanders and other progressives, going back to the "Bernie Bros" days.

Kos began discussing Sanders and his followers as "mostly white, mostly male," saying that they are "pretending" to argue about economic issues.

He later suggests that the same followers are pro-Bernie Sanders mostly because they're angry that women and minorities are taking the place of white males in power in the Democratic Party.

Kos consistently tries to mischaracterize Sanders's platform by arguing that it is only about economic issues, and he says that it "only comes from white people because everybody else knows that economics aren't the root cause of things like racism and sexism." (Personally, as a minority female, I disagree with Kos's statement dramatically...)

Of course, this is an absurd characterization of Sanders's platform, given that Sanders has fought against racism for many decades.

Kos and Thompson go on to praise Hillary Clinton and talk about how Hillary Clinton's platform included economic issues such as the $15 minimum wage. Of course that only happened after Sanders forced the issue.

Kos then goes on a somewhat unhinged rant about how Sanders followers attack people for supporting Hillary Clinton (yes, Kos you were so courageous to support the establishment candidate who everyone thought would win) due to a purity test, as he and Thompson pushed a purity test regarding abortion.

Throughout the interview, Kos bases all of his arguments on the fact that Sanders and his supporters only care about financial issues. He offers absolutely no evidence for this.

You can listen to the clips below:

Later, Thompson went on to attack Sanders regarding United Airlines (your guess is as good as ours), and more, before he and Kos start start making snarky remarks about Sanders and the fact that he's technically an independent.

And they argue that Sanders supporters are bots:


Note: Kos accuses Jane Sanders of talking about "fake news" in reference to The Daily Kos. Read her tweet and the associated article and judge for yourself.

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