Azusa, California Shooter: What We Know So Far

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Earlier today there was a major shooting in Azusa, California. At least two people are dead, and several others have been injured.

Azusa Shooter: Who is he?

According to most sources, the shooter was a male, heavily armed. The suspect was the body that was removed dead at the scene.

The initial reports were that the shooter was a man who was wearing a white shirt and black pants. Here's what a neighbor said to The LA Times about the shooter:

The gunman, who wore a white shirt and black pants, ran into a home about three doors down from Chavez's house, he said.

Chavez said he recognized the man as someone who frequently visits and hangs out at his neighbor's home. He didn't know the man's name. He said some of the victims appeared to be neighbors in the area.

At one point, there were reports that the shooter was a female. That has not been proven correct.

Azusa Shooter: Does This Shooting Have To Do With The Election?

It appears it doesn't. The sheriff's statement: "It does not appear to have any direct connection to the election/polling places"

Azusa Shooter: Azusa, CA Shooting Details

The shooting occurred at around 5pm Eastern time. Three area schools were on lock down due to the shooting, and the school personnel were actively communicating with police. At least two polling station was also closed down.

There were at least 10 rounds shot before police came.

The situation started off as an active shooting, then appeared to become a shootout between police, and finally it became a barricade situation.

Azusa Shooter: Shooting Videos Posted To Twitter

Several videos were posted to Twitter of the incident, including this one of the lockdown:

And this one taken by a local of the scene:

Azusa Shooter: About Azusa, California

Azusa, California is a city with a relatively small population in California. The actual location appeared to be the 1400 block of North Dorgenois Street. Here is a map from Google:

Map of Azusa

According to KABC, four people were injured, and Memorial Park, Mountain View Elementary School, and Slauson Middle School were placed on lockdown.

The two local polling stations, Memorial Park and Dalton Elementary School, were also closed.

This article is being updated as information comes in.

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Julie Sone/ABC 7