Is Trump Really Considering Sex-For-Secrets David Petraeus For Sec Advisor?

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This evening, it was announced that President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor, Russiaphile Michael Flynn, has resigned.

After a long-winded Twitter rant about how Democrats are responsible for all of his problems, Flynn gave in. Within minutes, the news came out that Flynn had been booted from the White House.

So now begins the speculation about Flynn's replacement.

And the number one option that keeps coming up is former General David Petraeus. As you may remember, Petraeus was appointed to be Director of the CIA after a long and storied military career.

But Petraeus was a little too interested in sex.

He ended up having an affair, and he was eventually caught 'mishandling' (leaking) CIA secrets to the woman he was cheating with.

Although Petraeus managed to lawyer up and avoid going to jail, he did end up with two years of probation, and he had to pay a fine of $100,000.

Interestingly enough, he's still under that probation, and according to Brad Heath, one of the conditions of his probation is that he has to notify his probation officer of any change in residence.

That means that if Petraeus is selected to be the National Security Advisor, he will have to notify his probation officer before moving to Washington D.C. to take the job.

Of course, there's also the issue of hypocrisy. After two years of Trump's attacking Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of emails -- via her private server -- the idea that Trump may hire Petraeus is unfathomable.

While the FBI found that Clinton wasn't knowingly sharing classified information, Petraeus was clearly doing so. And he created insecure web-based email accounts for that purpose.

So will Trump really replace a Russian-controlled agent with a guy who was actually convicted for leaking secrets? Luckily, Trump is considering other people, including General Kellogg and others (could Chris Christie be in the mix?).

Still, given Trump's other picks, we wouldn't be too surprised to see Petraeus show up on the White House steps in the near future..

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