The Young Turks Interviews Nutcase Who Thinks Trump Is Incarnation of God

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Cenk Uygur's The Young Turks (TYT) continued their string of interesting interviews with crazy Trump voters.

This time, they talked to a lady who appears to be lacking all her faculties.

The lady says regarding Trump: "this nation was founded on God and we need God to lead this country," and then she goes on a rant about immigrants, Muslims, and other people she can't seem to name.

The Young Turks has reporters following Trump and his supporters around the country. This time, they were in Michigan, where they met a proud Trump supporter. She starts the interview off, screaming:

We need a President like that -- you know what I mean -- this nation was founded God and we need God to lead this country.

And it ain't gonna be Hillary -- Hillary is wicked...She's a very evil person. She's not good for the next generation or the next generation.

I want somebody in here that's gonna get a hold of God and pray for the leadership of this country.

The woman then goes on to discuss abortion, and appears to say that Hillary Clinton needs to "repent to the almighty God."

She then goes on to make this brilliant and insightful comment about Trump:

He's good for the economy. He's good for the terrorists not to come into our country. We don't need all these drugs comin' into this country. Put the -- build the -- borda, we're for him.

She later says "Trump is elected by God to be the President of the United States." She follows that up with a must-watch chant/cheer.

About Obama, she says "they're [sic] for the Terrorists, they're for them Muslims that come inn here. We don't need that in this country.

What are they doing to our people?... They're sending bombs, everything else they're doing... to get rid of us."


For good measure, here's another brilliant person describing her love for Trump:

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