Watch: Diehard Supporter Joe Walsh Says Trump 'Nutty', Being A Trump Supporter 'Not An Easy Job'

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Today, noted racist and diehard Trump supporter and former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh shocked many when he attacked President Donald Trump regarding Trump's affinity for dictators. He also attacked Trump because Trump said he was "honored" to meet Kim Jong-Un.

Walsh was a guest on MSNBC when he made his surprising comments this afternoon. Here's what he said:

As a Trump supporter, I do my best not to pay attention to what he says, but - but I'll tell you what -- if I pulled my hair out for every nutty thing he said, I'd be bald.

Look to to say that you would be honored to meet with Kim Jong Un is beyond offensive, and I'm sorry everybody gives Sean Spicer a pass -- he's got that the easiest -- or the most difficult job -- in the world. That's an easy one to slap away.

There's no way Trump should've said honored it, and that's -- that's -- that's beyond offensive Katie, and Sean Spicer should have said that -- that word is not with the president meant, and that word is really troubling.

Host: Congressman, if you say you gotta try and ignore most of what the president says why are you Trump supporter?

Katie it's not an easy job. I try to focus on what he does but I'll -- I'll -- I'll be the first to acknowledge, look at he makes it very difficult and as you said, he seems to have this affinity for strong men out there -- that's problematic. It's a dance it. I'm not can gonna lie to you, it's a dance to try to stay supportive of what is trying to do.

Walsh, who is by no means a liberal, recently said that President Obama was held to a lower standard than Trump because he's black.

Walsh has also made numerous racist comments on the radio. However, he somehow manages to remain a contributor on MSNBC.

You can watch the video below:

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