Is Hillary Clinton's Blame Everyone Else Tour Foreshadowing Another Run?

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This week, Hillary Clinton suddenly reemerged from the shadows - or as Stephen Colbert noted, "the woods" - and she's now saying that she's going to be joining the "resistance" against President Donald Trump.

While most of the media was celebrating Clinton's return and showering praise on her for suddenly deciding to stand up to Trump (something that she could have started doing months ago), few have taken a closer look at her words and what they may be signaling.

Hillary Clinton is known to dislike being in the spotlight -- when she's not looking to drive votes.

In the past, she said that she doesn't like "retail politics" - the baby kissing, fake smile stuff that people like her husband do so well. So when she starts appearing everywhere, it raises questions.

Hillary Clinton Does Interview With Amanpour In NYC

Yesterday, Clinton was in New York with Christiane Amanpour for an interview that covered a wide range of subjects.

While the interview included questions regarding foreign policy, domestic policy, and lots of wonk-ish stuff, there was ample opportunity for Clinton to discuss why she lost the election in November.

You'd think that by now, Clinton would have put some thought into her support for the military industrial complex, her close relationship with Wall Street, and the many scandals (real or imagined) that have plagued her.

But it doesn't appear so. Instead, during yesterday's interview, Clinton blamed her loss almost entirely on James Comey and (of course) Russia.

Clinton also made a oft repeated suggestion that misogyny played a major factor in her loss. In the past, she has pushed the trope that voting against her implies that one doesn't want a woman president.

This was especially prominent during the primaries, when she used the ridiculous assertion of sexism against Bernie Sanders supporters.

(Note that this particular strain of attack appears to have reemerged because Sanders has tried to take on establishment Democrats on several issues.)

What stunning in this entire interview is the fact that Clinton is doing what many establishment Democrats have done since the election.

Instead of taking advantage of a ground swell from their progressive base, these corporate Democrats are insisting that everything is fine in their party, and that their recent losses were purely the result of outside interference - that there's nothing that they could (or should) have done differently.

Sadly, this is a losing strategy. This year, we saw in Kansas that Democrats, even with the most avid of support, couldn't close their deficit in the polls to win back Mike Pompeo's seat.

And we saw a Democratic failure in Georgia, where Jon Ossoff had a very good chance of winning his district -- especially because the Republican vote was split among over a dozen candidates.

Yet Ossoff still couldn't seal the deal (there will be a much more difficult runoff soon).

It's impossible to be sure, but given Clinton's recent reemergence, and of previous rumors about her considering another run for office, our guess is that she has something planned.

The question is, have she and the Democrats learned anything from last time? The answer isn't so clear.

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