NYT Article Leads Credence To Louise Mensch Claims Of Sealed Indictment For Trump

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Donald Trump may be in even more trouble than we currently think.

A few days ago, journalist Louise Mensch wrote on her site, Patribotics, that there was a sealed indictment against him, but due to the supremacy clause Trump needed to be impeached first.

At the time, the report sounded far-fetched -- in fact, we wrote:

Could this be true?

Although Mensch has a large following online, and has appeared on TV in numerous outlets, she has made extremely questionable claims several times regarding Trump.


Given all of this, it's possible that Mensch is correct about her latest theory, but we would take her theories with a bit more than a grain (more like a shaker) of salt.

But with this evening's New York Times revelation that James Comey had contemporaneous memos documenting that Trump asked for him to call off his investigation, things start to look a bit different.

If Comey did in fact have written evidence that Trump was trying to obstruct justice, Mensch's writing would make more sense.

Clearly, Comey had produced a lot of material that hasn't yet been reported, and there was progress on this case that we're not aware of. It could be possible that he reached the point of indictments in the Trump-Russia case.

Still, Mensch did get some basic facts about the supremacy clause incorrect. Additionally, the function and procedure used by the FISA court are not accurately represented by Mensch's article.

Nevertheless, today's New York Times article does bolster her argument to some extent. We will have to wait for more facts to come out before we can make a more informed decision about that.

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