Business Owner Jim Jacobs Hits Sanders Over Regs, Advocates His Own Crazy Ones

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Tonight, CNN broadcast a live 'town hall' with Bernie Sanders, hosted by Chris Cuomo.

The 'town hall,' in which audience members asked questions of Sanders, took place in Washington, D.C. While the event included a lot of bland questions and answers, there was one point at which things got heated.

A man who CNN identified as Jim Jacobs, a 'small business owner,' took the microphone to argue with Sanders over regulations -- claiming that Obama has killed small businesses like his with unnecessary and untenable rules and laws.

Here is the video of the exchange:

But who is Jim Jacobs?

According to what appears to be his LinkedIn, Jacobs is an "Entreprenuer [sic]" who owns a real estate investment company called JFJ Partners. This is what he claims his work entails on LinkedIn:

I assist in not only finding and putting together the deal, but bringing in the proper resources for debt, mezzanine debt and JV equity to help make a successful project. Most importantly the ability to see the big picture, break the problem down to its components, solve problems- and clearly articulate how to do so.

It appears that Jacobs is also the owner of another company in West Chester that does market research, including some for politics. It is unclear who pays him for that work.

Although Jacobs suggests that his businesses are in trouble because of Obama, both the real estate industry and the marketing industry have been thriving during this administration -- after having experienced huge losses at the end of the Bush administration.

Does Jim Jacobs really care about regulations?

During the CNN Town Hall last night, Jacobs argued that he has been overburdened by regulations from the Obama administration and that Trump will solve the problem.

But for someone who claims to be so concerned about regulations on business, his positions are questionable at best. For instance, at one point he advocated for a law requiring businesses to fly American flags:

Given his inconsistent stance on regulations, It seems that Jacobs has more issues with Obama than what he discussed in the Town Hall. In fact, Jacobs has consistently shown support for Trump's most extreme attacks on Obama.

In 2012, for example, Jacobs retweeted multiple Trump statements questioning Obama's college transcripts, including this one:

Also in 2012, Jacobs retweeted some racially-charged comments, including this one:

Is Jacobs really a overburdened business owner, or just another political hack looking for some self-promotion time? We'll have to see where he pops up next...