Oprah in 2020? If not, call the Boss.

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Bill Maher says she's the only sure bet in 2020 for the Dems.  I agree.  Do you?

If so, the question is, how do we get her in the game?  Anyone have her mobile or email address?  We'd be willing to beg, right?

Short of Michelle Obama, Oprah is the only unimpeachable human on the planet that has brand.  She gives things away.  She has lots of media clout.  Name recognition, fugettaboutit !!

If Trump is not the darkest place we can go, he's certainly a suburb of the darkest place we can go.  So what is Oprah waiting for?  She watches TV, I assume, probably watches Bill Maher.

Women, black people, middle America, everyone loves Oprah.  And I'm willing to love her too if she puts on her big girl pants and runs for President.  

And if not Oprah, anyone have Bruce Springsteen's mobile?