Watch The Young Turks Ana Kasparian Make A Fool Of Ann Coulter In Politicon Debate

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Yesterday afternoon, The Young Turks' Ana Kasparian took to the stage at Politicon to debate right-wing commentator Ann Coulter. And boy was it a blowout.

The debate was moderated by Toure, who appeared confused much of the time by Coulter's meandering monologues.

It began with a discussion on Donald Trump, and both Kasparian and Coulter had several negative things to say about him. But when the topic turned to more substantial topics, things got more heated.

Coulter spent most of the time with vague statements that she couldn't back up, while Kasparian consistently showed she had prepared statistics and figures that supported her points.

Kasparian also seemed to know Coulter's previous work well, and was able to throw Coulter's oft-hypocritical arguments back in her face.

At one point, Coulter talked about how she wants to "take care of our own," as opposed to undocumented immigrants.

However, both Kasparian and Toure pointed out that Coulter has said many times that she essentially wants to end welfare to almost all Americans.

Kasparian also called out Coulter when she was complaining that prospective employees in a certain McDonalds in California needed to learn Spanish.

Kasparian noted that Coulter is supposed to be pro-"free markets," so her attempts to control the job market are disingenuous.

The first half of the debate was rather tame, but the second half got truly bizarre, as Coulter began going off on race-baiting rants, saying things like the U.S. is not "multi-racial", it's "bi-racial", and complaining about black and Latino families.

We'll just leave this last statement from Coulter here for you to digest:

We are not a multi-racial country, we're not a multi-cultural country. We're a bi-racial country: for 400 years this country was black and white...African Americans obviously got the short end of the stick for the last 200 years, this is why we have civil wasn't the rainbow coalition, it was to make up to redress specific grievances done to African Americans...and now suddenly everyone's running across the border, and, civil rights are for African Americans. They're not for people who arrived today or last week, we didn't do anything to you.

Republicans didn't do anything to anyone.

Kasparian's only response: "wow...I don't even know where to start."

You can watch the video above.

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