CNN, MSNBC Do Off-The-Record Lunch With Trump, Suddenly Love Him Again

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The titans of cable news may seem like they've turned the corner and started trying to do real journalism, but old habits are hard to kick.

After months of griping and crying about how Donald Trump is attacking the media, anchors on all of the major networks gladly went to an off-the-record lunch with the President.

But the shocking part wasn't that they had the off-record lunch -- it was the way their coverage of Trump changed so dramatically after the lunch.

Very little is known about the specifics of the lunch, and most of the attendees said little to nothing about the fact that it even happened.

Moreover, most news outlets didn't even acknowledge that such a lunch even occurred. Yet, there were a few anchors who did talk about going to the lunch.

From photos, we know that some of the President's previously toughest critics in the media were in attendance. Those included Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, George Stephanopolous, and Chris Wallace.

One of those anchors was Chuck Todd, who almost braggingly discussed his attendance during last night's MSNBC coverage of Trump's address to Congress.

Like a lovesick teenager, Todd discussed how great it was that Trump planned to offer a path to legalization of undocumented immigrants.

Of course, Trump immediately proved that he had outsmarted the media when he completely rescinded the path to legalization before his speech.

Later in the evening, anchors across the dial were raving about Trump's speech, crowing that he "finally became president" and arguing that he changed the entire trajectory of his presidency.

For a speech devoid of any policy proposals, and mostly in conflict with Trump's actual actions, that was quite a feat.

Of all of the anchors who attended the lunch, however, Jake Tapper proved to be the most malleable.

After spending days hitting Trump with some of the harshest words he could muster -- including calling the the President "puerile" and "un-American" for his attacks on the media -- Tapper instantly became Trump's biggest cheerleader.

Just look at some of the things he retweeted about Trump this morning:

Quite a departure from the guy who was retweeting statements likening Trump to a dictator a week ago.

Still, Tapper does have some self-awareness, at least:

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