The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur Makes Shocking Accusation Against Democrat Group

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Today on The Young Turks live show, host Cenk Uygur made a shocking accusation against prominent Democratic group Common Cause.

The accusation: that Common Cause used its own lobbyists to stop New Mexico from trying to get money out of politics by killing a bill in the middle of the night.

Common Cause is a self-proclaimed progressive group, with many heavyweight Democrat members and donors, including people like Robert Reich.

According to Uygur, the group used their lobbyists to kill a vote by another group, Wolf-Pac (run by Uygur) in New Mexico that would get money out of politics.

The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur: Common Cause Killed Bill 'In The Middle of the Night'

Uygur said that Wolf-Pac, after a significant amount of work, was close to getting a money-out-of-politics bill introduced in New Mexico.

But just as it was ready to come up for a vote, Common Cause essentially snuck in and killed the bill in the middle of the night.

Uygur alleged that Common Cause also tried to kill Wolf-Pac's efforts in other states.

For instance, he said, Common Cause is fighting Wolf-Pac in Vermont. Vermont passed the Wolf-Pac legislation a few years ago; however, Uygur claims that Common Cause is now trying to get that legislation annulled.

Wolf-Pac has long been promoting a so-called Article 5 Constitutional Convention to get money out of politics. The goal: if enough states vote to trigger a convention, the Constitution can be amended without the need for Congressional approval.

According to Uygur, this is not new: Common Cause has been trying to stop Wolf-Pac from calling an Article 5 Convention for a while.

Uygur said that he had a meeting with Common Cause in which the organization dismissed him and his views. He said that their plan to get money out of politics is to go through the Supreme Court.

Uygur further claimed that Common Cause attacked Wolf-Pac as "far left," and that Common Cause is now trying to suggest to lawmakers that he and Wolf-Pac are actually right-wing agitators.

On his show, The Young Turks, this evening, Cenk Uygur debuted a petition saying that "I will never support...Common Cause." He is asking his watchers either to fill out the petition or call Common Cause's Washington DC offices and express their concern.

Cenk Uygur Says Common Cause Killing Left-Wing Bills

Why is Common Cause trying to kill Wolf-Pac's money-out-of-politics bill?

Cenk Uygur claimed that Common Cause is made of large donors with strong ties to Washington.

He said that "they are afraid of change" and that they tend to be Obama/Clinton fans who don't want to see a progressive agenda pass.

Uygur also brought up something that has been used to scare politicians out of voting for Wolf-Pac's legislation in the past.

He claimed that Common Cause is afraid of the spectre of a potential balanced-budget amendment being proposed during a Constitutional Convention. For that reason, they want to stop any calls for a Constitutional Convention.

Uygur suggested that Common Cause believes that it is easier to fight left-wing bills than right-wing bills.

That, he said, is why they went after the Vermont Wolf-Pac legislation. Uygur summed up by saying that Common Cause would rather attack left-wing groups than right-wing groups.

What will Common Cause's response to Uygur be? We'll see tomorrow, once the organization becomes aware of what Uygur said this evening.

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